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📅 Release date : 16 August 2017 📅
📺 From : David Leitch 📺
🎦Genre : Action, Spying 🎦
🇺🇸nationalities : American 🇺🇸


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Before Lorraine Broughton, none of you dare tell blonde jokes because this woman is blonde and has its rules. James Bond could learn from it, how drinking alcohol and pick up girls, and Jason Bourne should ask for self defense lessons. This seems quite odd though it is true. The fact that Lorraine is a hard art is known from the moment, in an ice bath with a stolen glass in hand, it tries to recover after an exhausting week, and days do not seem to be ways. The muscular body MI6 is decorated with numerous bruises and urticaria, and bruising are under the eyes. It is a memorial of her last visit to Berlin. As you may have guessed, the star of the British intelligence services did not take the trouble by walking around Potsdam Square or eating in a restaurant. It is finally the heroine of the new work David Leitch, co-creator of the first “John Wick“.

Date Atomic Blonde movie download full movie output 16 August 2017 .

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Action, Spying