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📅 Release date : 4 October 2017 📅
📺 From : Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache 📺
🎦Genre : Comedy 🎦
🇫🇷nationalities : Français 🇫🇷


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Harold a George are typical mouse School, although their ideas are innovative enough. They usually assume oppression master teachers and provide at least temporary relief to colleagues. The boys have a lot in common, but two things make them friends of death and love: comic love and hate for the horrible despotic schoolmaster, M. Krupp. One day to the astonishment of the main characters, the scoop at the end dresses. The incredible jokes were recorded, and the manager eventually won evidence of a crown for mischievous students. The punishment, however, is stricter than in the Middle Ages – be separated and embodied in other classes! For the boys, this obviously means the end of the friendship, then they imagine a way to reverse the consequences of reckless mischief.
This hodgepodge comedy is the biggest advantage of “captain Superslip“. Sadly, it is a double-edged sword and makes it a little tiresome movie. It's because Stoller Soren and failed to take the creative chaos in the risk. For the film to be different, we need a cohesion that makes the distinctive. Meanwhile, “Captain Superslip” never becomes a brand. There is no core around which all the jokes circulate. And unfortunately that is the fault of Stoller.

Date Captain Superslip movie download full movie output 4 October 2017 .

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy