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📅 Release date : 22 November 2017 📅
📺 From : Junji Shimizu 📺
🎦Genre : Science fiction, Action 🎦
🇯🇵nationalities : Japanese 🇯🇵


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For ten years Kōji Kabuto (Alcor) happened since the big event where super robot Mazinger Z, led by his grandfather, brought peace to his nard fighting the Dark Empire and the evil Dr. .. Hell, Kôji Kabuto is not only a pilot, decided to follow the path of his grandfather and father and decided to become a scientist. In his research, he discovered a giant structure buried under Mount Fuji. Suddenly, he discovers mysterious signs of life. It follows new discoveries and new threats, and soon a new destiny for humanity. Kôji Kabuto must make an important decision about his future – God or Devil once again Mazinger Z is charged with the responsibility of saving the world.

Date Mazinger Z movie download full movie output 22 November 2017 .

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Action, Science fiction