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📅 Release date : 30 August 2017 📅
📺 From : Tommy Wirkola 📺
🎦Genre : Science fiction, Thriller 🎦
🇫🇷nationalities : American, British, Français, Belgian 🇫🇷


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Overpopulation and famine prevailing force the government to implement a radical program to control the size of the family to be controlled. Every marriage can only have one child, which is very difficult for many families. Meanwhile, the hero, played by Willem Dafoe, secretly bring seven identical sisters (each played by Noomi Rapace). All claim to be unmarried sisters – Karen Settman – so it seems to have more than one child. The girls are given names that correspond to days of the week, so that everyone knows where he can go play in the day – a logical gesture Willem Dafoe. The sisters try to trick a special organization led by the ruthless Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close), forcing citizens to complement family planning, and everyone does not agree with this program. The heroes try to live their own life and enjoy freedom. Everything goes well until their secret apartment does not come back Monday and all l’action begins in the film.

Date Seven Sisters movie download full movie output 30 August 2017 .

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Science fiction, Thriller