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📅 Release date : 25 October 2017 📅
📺 From : Taika Waititit 📺
🎦Genre : Action, Fantastic, Adventure, Science fiction 🎦
🇺🇸nationalities : American 🇺🇸


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Thor has no access to his hammer, they just have limited access. He was then imprisoned on a distant planet, very far (on the edge of the universe).
Its mission will be to save Asgard, he will do very well and quickly, abnormal fight against time, and he can not go there either because it will prevent the absolute “Whole” to Realise “Ragnarök” – destroy his world and end the powerful civilization is Asgardian. To accomplish its goal, he must first fight the battle of gladiators gladiator against those who were once his allies, Avengers: Hulk. Fighting with reason, film incroyable. Date Thor Ragnarok download full movie output 25 October 2017.

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Action, Adventure, Fantastic, Science fiction